A Friendship

I am not going into detail as to why someone who puts a high regard on her friendships, will choose to leave behind one this year. There are only handful of people who know why, though. And I do have my reasons.

I am leaving this friendship behind because it is not a friendship anymore. It is as simple as that.

This certain person hurt me in a way I never thought anyone would. What this person did or did not do is something that I believe a true friend, is not capable of doing. This may sound idealistic or whatever, but I have certain beliefs that are pretty rock-solid – shaky sometimes, but still solid.

The way this person acted (or did not act), the way I was treated showed me that this person frankly does not give a shit. It’s been months and not a word was spoken, not even an acknowledgement of certain things.

To think I even considered this person as one of my closest, if not among my few best friends. Not anymore, I suppose.

So to you, this person, I say goodbye. It was a great almost-decade of friendship. And I thank you for that. I wish you nothing but happiness. It looks like you have become the poster person for that.

(Side note: I wonder if you’ll start caring, this person, once you come across this post. Probably not.)

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