One major source of disappointment last year for me was failed expectations. This occurred in many aspects in my life: friendship, work, even love (or something like it). Last year, I had high hopes for many people and things, some realistic, some not. And when these were not met, I was frustrated, almost devastated.

So for next year, I will stop expecting.

I will stop expecting my friends, to treat me the way I treat them, to value me as high as I value them. If you know me, you will know how much importance I place on my friendships. I put them on a pedestal that when I feel like I’m being taken for granted, I take it really hard. I will not stop putting a high value on my friendships though, but I will stop thinking that they will do the same as well. I will not expect them to go out of their way to meet me, or to do things for me or probably to value me as I do them. However they treat me, their friend, is entirely up to them. I will just have to trust them, especially the true ones.

There were also a lot of major changes that happened at work, both at the full-time and the freelance, most of them things I never thought would happen or I would experience this early in my “career”. These have made me realize how unstable some seemingly stable companies can be, even more so in the freelance world. With this realization comes the conscious effort to prepare myself for anything that might happen – another lay-off and losing clients/projects. One can never be fully prepared for these things, but at least an awareness that these things can happen can help.

So for 2013, I will try and avoid setting expectations. I will stop counting my chickens before the eggs hatch. More expectations = disappointment.

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