Too Much Idle Time

If you add up all the hours I spend in front of my laptop scrolling down my Facebook news feed or Twitter timeline, and randomly clicking links to whatever websites that will ultimately fill up my browser with so many tabs, you probably will shake your head in shame and judge me. I actually enjoy reading both useless and useful information online that I don’t mind spending hours just doing so.

However, last year I kept doing this often, that it ate up time that I had initially allotted to more important things like writing or finishing freelance tasks. This would then lead me to stay up late, get a few hours of sleep, get fat and sick, etc. etc.

So next year, I will make better use of time, which will come in handy with the many projects I have lined up. I am planning to do things next year, both on my own and with my dear friends, and procrastinating too much will get me nowhere.

I’m making next year the year I actually start doing and accomplishing things, and leaving behind too much idle time will be a great start.

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