I am generally aware that we are all different and that we are going to take different paths in life. But I noticed that last year, I kept comparing whatever I have achieved as of late (if there are some achievements to speak of) to what others have. I saw how some of my peers are technically more successful than I am, earning more money and buying all sorts of things for themselves. Some of them have gone to more places than I have, and it’s kind of embarrassing since I have decided to pursue a lifestyle that is all about travel.

I kept looking at where other people are and then I feel sorry for myself as soon as I look at whatever status in life I’m in right now. This constant comparison to others has lead me to little bouts of sadness (leading to depression).

Thankfully, I reached a point wherein I grew tired of feeling sorry for myself, of thinking of myself as a lesser individual compared to my other peers who are probably well on their way to the top of the corporate ladder (or whatever ladder they’re climbing on).

I then realized that my definition of success does not have to be similar to theirs. My success should be defined by my own terms, not by what someone else or society thinks it should be. My success should be something that will lead to my own happiness and contentment. And I have figured out what I need to do to reach it.

So in 2013, I will stop comparing myself to others. I will climb my own ladder of success, and it’s okay if it’s a bit different from my peers’. And whatever this level of success is, it is not of lesser value compared to others.


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